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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Big Sand Dunes!

I knew there was a reason they called it Great Sand Dunes National Park . . .

We had a blast. Perfect weather, blue skies, and lots and lots of sand.

Kudos to Elizabeth and Joybear for hiking all the way up to the top of High Dune. No easy feat when you every step you take slides halfway back down the hill.
And thanks to Grant and Justin for playing Sand Monster with me and tumbling down fifty foot sand dunes. Repeatedly.
Even after prowling the Visitor's Center and watching the movie and speaking with a Ranger, I still don't understand why these 700 ft tall, 30 square miles of pure, fine sand are sitting in a corner of the San Luis Valley. Sure, you can talk about winds and sediments and whatever you want, but last I checked there are lots of wind and sand in Wyoming, but no Sand Dunes.

Next time we're going in the spring when the creek is running, and we're bringing sleds!


Kristen said...

The dunes are pretty sweet. I have to say the movie didn't convince me. It makes no sense!
I am pretty sure I had sand in my ears for a week. We brought a sled and it totally stunk. It was more fun to jump off the cliffs or role down the hill.
Looks like you had fun.

Em said...

You have such a cute family.

I thought "Yes, Yes, YES!!!" about your comments about Obama, and RJ thougth, "Yes, Yes, YES!!!" about your comments on Rocky. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Matthew said...

Love those dunes. Your kids are real troopers too -- Wendi and I have been to High Dune too and it's not exactly an easy hike.