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Sunday, November 16, 2008


So Elizabeth and I had to wait forty minutes before there would be a table available for us at the restaurant Friday night. We took advantage of the time and strolled along the sidewalk of the fancy shopping center. We saw a kitchen store with some attractive window displays, and we went inside.

This is what we found:

  • A rubber spatula for $18 dollars.
  • A wine glass for $60.
  • A box of designer hot chocolate for $40.
  • And a set of pot and pans, similar to the one you see here, for $4,000.

That's right, four thousands smackers!!! You could by a decent used car for that same amount. Or a week long trip to Hawaii. Or enough food for a whole year for young starving college couple like Drew and Kristen (lots of Ramen).

This was not a store geared towards professional chefs or restauranteers. This was geared towards the affluent upper classes that permeate the environs of Highlands Ranch and southwest Denver.

My question is, who would ever spend $4,000 on a set of pots and pans? Who would have enough money to burn that they wouldn't consider driving to Target and buying the same set for $125? For those economists out there, that would be a $3,875 savings. I can think of a lot better uses for that same amount of money.


princess jen said...

Lemme guess... Williams Sonoma?

Rappster said...

"The pans make the man"
-Abraham Lincoln

Matthew said...

Those must be some pretty special pots & pans. If I had that kind of dough to blow I'd buy a couple of Gibson Les Paul guitars instead and buy my kitchenware at Kohls.

But hey you are a doctor, you can afford it right? ;-)


The economy is in the toilet so they tell us to go out and spend. With products like this, its not hard to see why retail sales are going off a cliff (down 2.8% last month). But this has a bright side: all those hideous strip malls and vast parking lots will be useless and hopefully torn down someday soon. It's already begun.

Kristen said...

Gotta love the Ramen!!!