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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Terrible and Terrific

My son Justin is a force of nature. He is now two years old, and he will not--cannot--be ignored. You must deal with him.

He is a walking paradox. Let me explain:

He is exceptionally cute. He is incredibly frustrating.

He never eats anything of substance. All he desires is cheese and juice.

He is inconsolable. He is sweet and tender.

He is a monster in a boy suit. He is a boy in a monster suit.

He loves his Daddy. All he wants is his Mommy.

He expresses understanding that this is the last book before bedtime. He always wants another book anyway.

He lets you know when he has a stinky diaper. He poops in the bathtub anyway.

He is a restless bundle of wiggly energy. He falls asleep within seconds of the car starting.

He never wants to take a nap, when what he needs more than anything else is a good nap.

He loves a good joke, but he's not buying that old schtick this time.

He is two years old, a complete (though very small) person with a unique jumble of traits.

He's my son, and I love the little dude to pieces.


Em said...

I cannot believe how big he is now. 2!!!! 2!!!!

What I can believe is how stinkin' cute he is. He's adorable.

Lisa said...

I still picture him as a baby! The result of not seeing you guys enough!