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Monday, September 08, 2008

Props to Craig and His List

No posts from me for a while, but no worry. I'm sure all six of my infrequent readers have yet to notice. ;)

Actually, to those who may care, we have successfully moved our family back to Colorado and are enjoying settling into our new home and a new routine.

Now, today I wish express my appreciation for that cyberspatial miracle known as Why? Because Craigslist has saved me money. Big time.

Ever wonder who Craig is? Check this link out and educate yourself.

In the past month, I calculate that I have saved more than $3000 by spending just a little over $1000 on some perfectly fine and (even exceptionally nice) furniture. This includes a gorgeous solid oak dining room table and china cabinet, bunkbeds, patio furniture and an office chair.

In each of these instances, I went to Craigslist, found the desired item within a 25 mile radius at a reasonable price, and then graciously (mercilessly?) negotiated an even lower price with the anxious sellers. I have been grateful for my Toyota pick-up, because it has made it possible for me to head out at a moment's notice to pick up the merchandise, which has allowed me to negotiate lower prices with the sellers.

In each instance, instead of feeling like I was being robbed by some money-grubbing retailer, I felt a strong fraternal connection to my co-barterers, like we were co-collaborators on a new utopian social experiment. They got money for something they didn't need anymore. I got a good item at a great price. Everyone went home happy.

How many things in life are consistently win/win for everyone involved? Not many, and so that's why Craigslist gets my props today.

If you haven't bought something on it before, give it a shot.

And if you've got some cheap furniture to sell, give me a shout. (Let's keep this Craig dude out of the loop on this one.)


Kristen said...

I think that I am one of the six.
I too love Craig's list. It has everything.
We needed to sell our contract to our apartment and I put it on Craig's list and I had like 5 emails in about 15 minutes.
Much better than ebay.

Suzy Farar said...

I agree! I love Craigslist, we got two great bunkbeds that way. So what is your new job in Colorado? Are you part of a practice or are you at a hospital again? What kind of medicine are you practicing?

Tye and April said...

I love craigslist too. I've gotten a few bikes, golf clubs, and others things through it at great deals.
Also, I greatly enjoy your blog and keeping tabs on how you are doing. Please keep it up.

Em said...

At last! I was beginning to wonder if you'd made it to CO! Yes, Craigslist is every big city's lifeline to all things cheap and bulky. Alas, no reprieve for us Worlanders. :)

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys are settled.

I am also a big fan of la lista de Craig. It helped furnish our new home as well. I never underestimate its power.

Goose said...

Craigslist is sweet, just look at my TV baby.