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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Dastardly D's

My daughter's kindergarten class learns a new letter every week.

This week, I choose to highlight the letter D. Every Foster boy worth his salt should know by heart the "D" song, which showcases all of the dark, dastardly, demented connotations of words that start with the letter D. While still in late childhood, I set these D words to an ingeniously hypnotic cadence. I consider this D song a brilliant prologue to my future poetic and musical genius. (Substantial props must be given to my brother Matt, who helped round out the piece. But the glory is still mine.)

So here is my challenge: post a comment, and attempt to reproduce--in exact order--the 9 D's that are strung together in this seminal song. The winner will receive an official recognition on my widely read and immensely popular blog. International fame is sure to follow.

And here's a secondary challenge: attempt to add unto the 9 known D's with your own (meager) contributions.

Hint: it begins with "Death, doom, destruction . . ."

Waste no time; immortality awaits.


Dad said...

I have no idea what you are talking about!!


Mark said...

When you are the only one to post a (meaningful) comment to your own blog, it is a sure sign that your readership is approximating zero.

No matter. I will answer my own question and claim my own glory.

"Death, doom, destruction, despair, depression, de-resolution (a nod to TRON there), darkness, danger, devastation . . ."

And now for the epilogue:

" . . . desolation, dementia, dissention, dilapidation."

You had your chance, fools.

Or should I say, doofusses. (Or is that doofii?)

Matthew said...

I am so sorry that I didn't check your blog in the past week. You should've given us more time. Surely you must know that many Fosters are either infrequent bloggers or preparing for final exams.

I wish the glory had been mine. But now it will never be, even though I never had never forgotten the deadly, despicable cadence you blogged about. Heck, I helped you make it up! I am full of dismay, de-motivation, despondency, decay and denial!

These things won't stop me from reading yr. blog, though. ;-)