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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Every Dog Has His Day

You know it's a small town when you move in and they throw a parade in your honor . . .

Just kidding. Yesterday was the Parade for the Washakie County Fair, and my welcome section was just one of 40 or so "floats," right behind the (annoying) Shriners. (Question: Why the silly hats?)

It was, all things considered, quite the experience. Joybear rode her bike the whole mile of the parade route while Elizabeth trotted behind. Grant Guy and I cruised on a four wheeler alongside my two partners, who also rode with their sons. (That was the gimmick, all the docs with the cool rides.) All three of us watched as two pregnant employees (including my nurse) walked down the parade route, drenched in sweat. (We offered the four wheelers, but they refused. Honest!)It was a hundred degrees, and we tossed flaccid Otter Pops to the adoring throngs, as well as to the cranky old dude who yelled at me from the street corner, "How long 'til they run ya outa town?"

It was fun and hot and silly, but a memorable experience.

I'm reminded of some Dave Matthews' lyrics:

"Every dog has its day,
and every day has its way
of being forgotten.
Mom, it's my birthday!
What would you say?"


Tyler said...

I have the same question about the Shriner's hats... I think your bitterness towards them might have something to do with a simple fact of human nature. People would rather cheer on men riding little cars with funny hats than welcome a new doctor to town, no matter how much their lives may come to depend on him in the future. Human nature, bud, don't fight it, just accept it.

I can't say that my name has ever been printed on a large banner, so that is something to add to you life accomplishments...

Dad said...

You should feel honored, Dr. You are now officially a Worlandite. Don't feel bad that they have so many parades every year in Worland and everyone gets so honored. This was your day to shine.

I likewise had my name in lights for one fleeting moment. It was in Nashville, Tenn in 1966. I was being recruited by Vanderbilt and I stayed at a Holiday Inn. Lo an and behold when I arrived, there on the billboard of the Holiday Inn was "Vandy welcomes Mickey Foster" I got a picture of it at the time, but have lost it.

Enjoy your 15 minutes, my friend. it is fleeting to say the least.


Danalin said...

Seems like that was a pretty darn good day for the Doc! Watching the pregnant ladies sweat it out while enjoying your nice ride...I'm just teasing. I have to say that as a former pregnant lady, I would have enjoyed the exercise and also wouldn't like having my big belly/body perched atop something while everyone looked on.:)

I wish we could have been there to cheer you on. We could have cheered over the grouchy guy; except that was probably the funniest part of the parade. Besides watching the Shriners, of course. Congrats, Mark, you have really arrived! (And Joy, you looked so good on your bike! What a long way to ride!)